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our beloved mother left for ever...

on 15th April 1994 at the age of 69..




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Our beloved father left for ever.....

on 12th March 2011 at the age of 92..



My Country

I am from India, a wonderful country of  diverse cultures and a variety of people including the most beautiful women in the world (Miss. world, Miss. Universe). A country, where there is Unity in Diversity and where about 16% of World's population reside (more than 1000 million). And I am proud of being one of them.

India therefore is perceived as a "Whole of Civilization" and not a mere "country"

My State

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I am from the south Indian State of Kerala, popularly known as GODS OWN COUNTRY, a land of backwaters and rivers. There are 41 rivers. It has an area of 38,863 sq.km having 14 districts and its population is about 30 million. In between the high western ghats (mountains) on the east and the Arabian sea on the west, the width of my state varies from 35 km to 120 km. It is one of the smallest  and the most literate states in the country having achieved 100 % literacy level.

Please click for a district wise full page map of KeralaRivers are mainly rainfed and small; many are almost dry in summer. Backwaters include lakes and sea inlets. The biggest backwater lake is Vembanad having an area of around 200 sq.km opening into the Arabian sea at Kochi port.

On geographical basis, Kerala can be divided into 3 regions, the highlands, the midlands and the lowlands. The highland is composed of hills, thickly wooded with teak and rubber and fully covered with carefully nurtured plantations of cardamom, coffee, tea, spices etc sloping down from the western ghats with some peaks rising to more than 1800 metres. Midlands is flourished with pepper, sugarcane, coconut, banana,  cashew, ginger etc. Its heart is composed of intensive green paddy fields and a unique network of rivers. Fisheries, coir weaving and coconut farming are the main  enterprises in the lowlands and is bordered by a chain of unbroken palm-fringed beachline. When monsoon breaks over Kerala, the highlands are covered by mist and all its 44 rivers overflow.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Kerala. It is the major producer of coconut, rubber,  cardamom, pepper, ginger, cocoa, cashew etc. Banana, pineapple, mango and jackfruit are the major fruit crops of my state. Kerala is the happy abode of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. St. Thomas, the Apostle brought Christianity to Kerala in AD 52 and then established 7 churches in different parts of Kerala.Back to Top

My Village                                                                  
My village is  on the bank of the  river Kuppam ("Kuppam Puzha") not far away from her origin at  North of Malabar in Kannur District. It is endowed with pristine natural beauty covered with small hills and with green valleys of rubber plantation and coconut groves.  It is  wonderful , calm & quite in all aspects.  The wild life centre very near to my place on the bank of the river also reflects the beauty of my village extending  to its people the tranquillity of life. People are happy and life is not hectic

Present Domicile Country

My present domicile country is Germany consists of 16 states. It is the 8th richest country in the world on the basis of  per capita income with a population of about 80 million.  The weather is pleasant except in winter months November to April. During winter snowfall is common and the temperature goes down to about minus 20 to 25 Centigrade.
Map of Germany
Present Domicile City
It is one of the famous cities in Europe . It is Frankfurt on the river  Main (Frankfurt am Main) with an international financial centre having a number of banks, the stock exchange, German Central Bank and the European Central Bank. Frankfurt is the venue for numerous international trade fairs including world's largest book fair. Frankfurt is popular with its Rhine-Main Airport, which already ranks firstBack to Top among Europe's in volume of cargo and second in number of passengers.

Personal Interests

My Thoughts & Wishes

Sometimes, my thoughts and wishes fly away beyond the reality of life and finally land in a virtual world of imagination and vision. I know it is mere imagination currently but I wish they may become reality. I would like to mention some of them here.

1. Single World: a single sky; with a single language and a single currency - All the approx. six billion people on earth should be allowed to live in any place of the earth without any restriction of country or any imaginary boundary. There is only one country; that is the country of the Human Being. There should be only one language - to understand each other and one currency - to buy any thing in any place on the earth for the same price. And there should be one government not on earth; but in space.

2. The full data of around six billion people on the earth should be fed into a super computer and connected to the satellite system which can point out at any time the position of each person on earth. Each one should be supplied with a device which can be attached on the body and can be operated easily with finger/voice activated to send or receive messages from the satellite system at any time for any assistance, support and protection.

3. There would be a super scientist to come with his new invention - An invention to analyse the whole history of the earth from the air (blank space) including the voice of each and everybody who lived on this earth (As per the super scientist's vision, each and every action is still there on the air) and it can be extracted and can be played back on a screen.

4. Then there will be no violence; no injustice; no corruption. And all will be happy and satisfied in their very short period of lifetime on the earth when compared to the duration of lifetime of' the Universe. To calculate this duration of life period of a human being, a super computer processorBack to Top should be created.                                        

My Hobbies     
My main hobbies are fiddling with the computer, web surfing and writing articles in Malayalam Language. Here is a sample of  my SHORT STORIES  and  POEMS . I feel that this  homepage itself reveals the nature of my hobbies.                                              

My Friends

My School & College Friends : Though I had   a large number of  friends and acquaintances from my school and college life, unfortunately I now have limited links with my old friends and I would like to build up my lost friendship. To name some of them:   Joppan, Josekutty,  Manikutty, Ousep, Manuel, Puthiaparambil, Reddy, Usman  etc. I don't know where they are now and I wish I could trace some of them through this Home Page.

My present  friends:  I have friends among people from my native country as well as my current domicile country.

Family History

Recently our family history has been published in Malayalam language. It was  a difficult task. My congratulation goes to its Editor Rev. Fr. Francis Myladoor and the members of the publishing committee. As an indication of my appreciation and gratitude I have put up  a few pages of the family history on this webpage. Click here for a short preview of our  Family History Back to Top

Finally about me

I was born in a village very near to the Idukki Power House at Moolamattam and attended school at  Marigiri, Thalavu, Arippara, Edappady, Bharanamganam, Kanjar, Arakulam, Moolamattam, Chapparapadavu and Angamally.University studies at Bharat Matha College,- Thrikkakara,   St. Thomas College,- Palai, and Agra College, -Agra.

I was employed in India for a very short duration at Kalloorkad, as a supervisor of a pineapple processing factory, at Alakode & Aligarh as a teacher in English.  At present I work in an office in Frankfurt, Germany.

My grand father migrated from Meenachil Taluk to Moolamattam and then my father and his brothers to North Malabar in Kannur District in the year 1958.                                                                    

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