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We have decided to open for all the members of the great Family Myladoor. All those who are interested to publish their details may kindly create their pages and send it to us. (our email address There is a limit of 10 MB space for each branch of the Myladoor family (Chapter 1 to 24 and A to A10)

The meaning of our family name "Myladoor" which is written in Malaylam language as "Mailadoor" can be translated as " Home of  dancing Peacocks". (MAIL + AADUM + OOR = MAILADOOR - meaning in Malayalam language: MAIL = peacock; AADUM = dancing; OOR = home). It is generally believed that Peacocks are dancing when they find themselves happy and the meaning of  "Mailadoor" can be taken as Home of dancing Peacocks or Home of happy and lucky Peacocks. Whatever be the story of the origin of the family name, it has something to do with the National Bird of India, namely the Peacock (Mail in Malayalam language). This similarity is the reason to select the picture of a Peacock for the cover page of the book on my Family History.

Chart 1A. No. 1 - Itti Eippu Pulikkakunnel (4th Generation)

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Chapter 1 - Myladooraya Vellamattathil Mathai
Chapter 2 - Kurian, the youngest brother of Mathai who resided at Vellamattathil
Chart 1 B- No.I Devasia Myladoor (4th Generation)

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Chapter 3: Myladoor Ousep, Lalam Pala
Chapter 4: Itti Eippu who resided at Mannarmattathil
Chart I C No. II -Chacko Myladoor Chottettu (4th Generation)

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Chapter 5 : Myladoor Puthankandathil Varki
Chapter 6: Myladoor Kallammakkil Frenchu
Chapter 7 : Myladoor Keekkarikkattoor Chacko Chacko
Chapter 8:Myladoor Chottettu Thomman
Chart 1 C No. III - Myladoor Kunnel Itticheriyathu

chart01c-3%.jpg (6562 bytes)

Chapter 9: Myladoor Mettel Frenchu
Chapter 10 : Myladoor Thundathil Varki
Chapter 11: Myladoor Kunnel Cherian (Payapar)
Chart 1 C No. IV - Myladoor Karottu Kurian

chart01c-4%.jpg (6377 bytes)

Chapter 12: Varki who resided at Myladoor Karottu Tharavadu
Chapter 13: Itti Eippu who resided at Myladoor Anthiyalathu
Chapter 14: Myladoor Kochukarottu Thomman
Chapter 15: Kurian who resided at Myladoor Arakulam
Chart 1 A No. 5 - Varki Myladoor Kalapurackal, the 1st of 3 sons of Myladoor Kalapurackal Varghese

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Chapter 16: Myladoor Kalapurackal Varki
Chapter 17: Myladoor Kalapurackal Itti Eippu
Chapter 18:Myladoor Kalapurackal Devasia (Tharavattil)

frsm%.jpg (28948 bytes)

A1: Varughese (Kochu) Myladoor Kalapurackal
A2 Mariam Illimoottil
A3: Joseph (Kunjeppu) Myladoor
A4: Thomas (Thommachan) Myladoor
A5: Devasia (Pappootti) Myladoor
A6: Br. Chandy Myladoor S.J.
A7: Kurian (Kuriyachan ) Myladoor
A8: Mathai  Myladoor
A9: Sr. Sebi (Achamma) Myladoor
A10: James (Chacko) Myladoor
Chart 1 C No. VI - Myladoor Karottu Mannarmattathil Agasthi

chart01c-5%.jpg (7549 bytes)





Chapter 19: Myladoor Karottu Mannarmattathil Varki
Chapter 20: Myladoor Karottu Mannarmattathil Devasia , Arakulam
Chapter 21: Myladoor Karottu Mannarmattathil Itti Eippu
Chapter 22: Myladoor Mannarmattathil Ihachan
chapter 23: Myladoor Mannarmattathil Thomman, Mundupalam
Chart 1D - Myladoor Puthanpurayil Thomman - Mundupalam

chart01-d%.jpg (8204 bytes)

Chapter 24: Myladoor Puthanpurayil Ouseph

Please click here for the family chart            

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Family Chart


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